You hit the website of the Dutch Tech. A network of several Bulgarian companies with a Dutch flavor. You can find more information about the founding partners and of course the vacancies in these companies.

Dutch Tech

The Dutch Tech consists out of Bulgarian companies with a Headquarters in The Netherlands. These Bulgarian companies have a Dutch flavor in the way they are organized. As a cluster we believe in an open economy, in which collaboration will help us to achieve more goals. As a cluster we are a stronger brand on the labor market and we are able to organize events and offer education.

Founding partners

DEGIRO is an online broker that serves both individual and professional investors operating in 18 countries across Europe. DeGiro

In 2013 DEGIRO launched its online retail broker in The Netherlands ( www.degiro.nl) and is now rolling out this platform across other European countries. This will enable retail investors throughout Europe to benefit from DEGIRO’s highly competitive commissions which are up to 80% lower than our competitors, making DEGIRO one of the most competitive platforms in the world.
Through DEGIRO, European investors are connected to the world’s markets. Unlike our competitors, many of whom only offer access to European and US exchanges, DEGIRO also offers access to markets in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and many more across the globe. This provides clients with the opportunity to benefit from a truly global diversification of assets.



The high tech industry requires innovative embedded software Strypes

The high tech industry requires innovative embedded software that contributes to the continuous development of high quality technology. Strypes is comfortable in this market which is characterized by complex processes and mathematical and physical challenges within a variable multidisciplinary environment.



TriplePro is a content marketing agency with Dutch origins and dedication to meaningful digital communication TriplePro

We offer services related to the production of content that really captures the essence of your business and portrays it in an aspect relevant to your customers. Instead of simply delivering exposure, we aim at delivering depth and relevance. A memorable and well-crafted story in the form of a social media post, video or article has the power to grab the attention of the consumer and establish a real connection.



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Why is it cool to work for a Dutch company?

The Netherlands is a very innovative country (number 2 on the global innovation index). This is immediately visible if you look at the companies which are in the cluster. One created the fastest growing online stock broker platform in Europe. Another one is creating an internet of things platform related to charging electrical vehicles. Another one worked on a the software for a big ONLY online bank.

Also the style of management is quite different in the Netherlands. The Agile guru Jurgen Appelo is from The Netherlands. He defined what the managers should do within an Agile company. The Netherlands is famous for the rich history of trade and entrepreneurship. You will feel this vibe if you enter any Dutch company.


Gert Jan Holstege

Gert Jan Holstege

Director of East European Operations at DEGIRO
Co-founder of Dutch Tech

Gert Jan Holstege is responsible for DEGIRO's operations in Sofia.

The Sofia office enables DEGIRO to develop the platform efficiently and forms an essential part of the competitive business model. Currently DEGIRO Sofia employs 60 people from 14 nationalities.

Jeroen van Hertum

Jeroen van Hertum

Director People Operations at Strypes
Chairman of Dutch Tech

Although entrepreneur since 2003, Jeroen always loves the

technology as he started of as java developer in 1997. The love for Bulgaria came in 2006 with setting up the nearshoring branch for Sourcelab. According to Jeroen IT is people business, so he became in 2014 director People Operations at Strypes.

Olaf Guikema

Olaf Guikemam

Founder of TriplePro

Olaf is the one of the founders of TriplePro, a consortium of pan-European marketing companies.

He has been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years and founded 7 companies across Europe. In 2014, Olaf expanded his business by coming to Sofia and opening TriplePro’s first Bulgarian office focused on Content Marketing.